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Welcome to my online writing portfolio.

As a health and science writer and yoga teacher, I write about health, medicine, science, and yoga for online and print publications. I also write fiction, poetry, and humor, and draw the occasional cartoon about science, yoga, or life.

  • Health and Science Writing: I have written articles and content for both online and print publications, including Healthline, Men’s Fitness, The Health Journal, and more. I write about a wide range of topics, including health, medicine, science, technology, and yoga.
  • Creative Writing: I write fiction, poetry, and humor for sites such as Recovering Yogi, Elephant Journal, and my own creative writing blog Branáin – Ravenously Curious. My creative writing includes humorous takes on the world of yoga and life in the wilds of Canada.

Below is a list of my writing arranged by date. You can also check out my featured health and science writing portfolio and creative writing portfolio.

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2017 Health and Science Writing

5/17/2017 – Healthline – Social Smokers Have Same Cardiovascular Risks as Regular Smokers

5/16/2017 – Healthline – Big Difference in Life Expectancy in Different Regions in US

5/15/2017 – Healthline – Doctors Checking Patient Prescription History Could Help Ease Opioid Epidemic

5/9/2017 – Healthline – Scientists Battle Bacteria with Silver and Mucus

5/8/2017 – Healthline – Bullying Appears to Be on the Decline

5/5/2017 – Healthline – What Makes an ‘Ageless Athlete’?

5/4/2017 – Healthline – Yoga Can Help Girls Who Have Experienced Trauma

4/28/2017 – Healthline – How to Get in Shape by Memorial Day

4/24/2017 – Healthline – Why is the HPV Rate So High in the U.S.?

4/20/2017 – Healthline – How Surgery Helped Fuel the Opioid Epidemic

4/18/2017 – Healthline – Can You Tax People into Quitting Smoking?

4/14/2017 – Healthline – Can Companies Save Money with Workplace Wellness Programs?

4/13/2017 – Healthline – How Working Class White Americans Are Killing Themselves

4/10/2017 – Healthline – Government Officials Taking Action on US Opioid Epidemic

4/5/2017 – Healthline – Are People Being Misdiagnosed with High Blood Pressure?

4/4/2017 – Healthline – Norway-Italy-Canada Combo: How to Put Together a Healthy, Happy Society

3/23/2017 – Healthline – Should Ibuprofen Be a Prescription Drug?

3/16/2017 – Healthline – Do You Have to Be Antisocial to Lose Weight?

3/14/2017 – Healthline – Who Are They? 14 Million More People Won’t Have Health Insurance Next Year

3/8/2017 – Healthline – What Would Happen If GOP Health Plan Is Approved?

3/7/2017 – Healthline – How Poor Diet Raises Your Risk of Dying from Heart Disease

3/6/2017 – Healthline – Critics Say ‘Orphan Drug’ Law Ripe for Abuse

3/1/2017 – Healthline – These Doctors Accept Only Cash

2/17/2017 – Healthline – Are Expensive Fitness Classes Worth It?

2/15/2017 – Healthline – Rural Hospitals Closing at an Alarming Rate

2/9/2017 – Healthline – How Immigration Restrictions Are Hurting People’s Health

2/3/2017 – Healthline – How Long Does It Take to Get in Shape?

2/1/2017 – Healthline – ‘Baby Boxes’ Show the Importance of Helping New Parents

1/27/2017 – Healthline – Can We Make Food Truck Menus Healthier?

1/24/2017 – Healthline – Alzheimer’s Documentary: Epidemic Could Bankrupt Medicare and Medicaid

1/20/2017 – Healthline – If You Want to Die Young, Move to Rural America

1/13/2017 – Healthline – What Exercises Are the Best?

1/9/2017 – Healthline – Frozen Ovaries and Other Reproductive Miracles

1/5/2017 – Healthline – Dramatic Drop in Cancer Deaths Since 1991, but Still Some Concerns