Your Boss Is Insane, But Don’t Let It Stress You Out

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Your Boss Is Insane, But Don’t Let It Stress You Out

Ever wonder if your boss is insane?

As a self-employed freelance health and science writer this question pops into my mind almost every morning when I look at myself in the mirror while brushing my teeth.

[That’s before I leave the house and walk around the neighborhood so I can get to work … in my basement.]

It turns out, though, that I’m in good company. According to a new infographic (see below), almost one third of workers think their bosses are in need of therapy … yes, they should see a psychologist.

Your Boss Could Be a Psychopath

Is your boss insane? (angry smoking man)Is this just worker paranoia or whining?

Not at all, bosses are four times more likely to be psychopathic than the average person. Keep that in mind the next time you have a one-on-one meeting in your boss’ office … behind closed doors.

What are the traits of a psychopath? They include:

  • antisocial and impulsive behavior
  • disregard for societal standards
  • no indications of fear or guilt.

Bad Bosses Damage Your Health

While some psychopaths go on to become serial killers, others just torment their employees. This suffering goes beyond workplace distress. People with bad bosses develop health problems such as:

  • losing their hair
  • gaining weight
  • developing heart disease.

You can’t always escape your boss by quitting your job, but there are ways to deal with the stress before it eats you alive (if you’re lucky, your boss won’t do the same):

  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Eat a balanced diet, exercise every day, don’t smoke, limit your intake of alcohol.
  • Relax. Try yoga, massage, Tai Chi, or a few minutes of meditation each day.
  • Earn a promotion: By working your way up the corporate ladder, you will be healthier. Bosses are less stressed than underlings … partly because they have more control over their work.

Your Boss Is Insane — Infographic by LearnStuff

Your Boss Is Insane -- Infographic (LearnStuff)

Infographic: Your Boss Is Insane by LearnStuff

Photo: Angry Smoking Man by cglosli (some rights reserved)

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