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Give your website or publication a boost.
Well-researched and interesting health and science writing
that resonates with your readers.

Health and science writing services that match the needs of your business or publication, including:

  • News and feature articles: Well-researched health and science articles for publications, businesses, and non-profits. Content written by an experienced health and science writer and yoga teacher.
  • Extensive research: Internet research, interviews with subject experts, literature reviews, scientific databases, and medical reference books.
  • Editing and proofreading: Refresh your existing health and science content.
  • Ebooks and white papers: Streamline your larger health and science writing projects with a combination of writing services and project management.
  • Newsletters: Share the latest health and science content with your readers through online and print newsletters.

Previous health and science writing clients

I have worked as a health and science writer for a wide range of clients. This includes writing for national health and fitness publications such as Healthline and Men’s Fitness. I have also written for local print magazines and consumer health and medical websites.

With years of health and science writing experience, I can create interesting and informative content that fits the needs of your targeted audience. For a sample of my work, check out my health and science writing portfolio.

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