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What to expect from my yoga teaching and classes.

My yoga teaching has changed quite a bit since I first became a yoga teacher. This isn’t surprising, because my personal yoga practice has also changed during that time. Both of these will likely keep evolving as I learn more about yoga and meditation. But here are a few things that you will find with my yoga teaching and classes.

Yoga That Fits You

The best yoga practice is one that matches your specific needs and can be done regularly – even if it’s only five minutes a day in the beginning.

If you want to make steady progress toward your goals, a private yoga class with me is the perfect way to start. You will develop a personal yoga practice that you can do anywhere, even on vacation. But even if you come to my group yoga classes, there is still plenty of room to find what you need.

Whether you like to work on your own or surround yourself with other people, my yoga teaching always focuses on moving and breathing at your own pace. I also offer modifications of yoga poses if needed.

One Step at a Time

Whether you need to reduce stress at the end of a long day or want to improve your handstand, my yoga classes can help you get there. This includes moving ahead one step at a time.

While it’s tempting to jump right to the final yoga pose, moving incrementally allows you to better prepare your body for more challenging poses. This involves learning how to listen to your body and breath – if you can’t breathe smoothly in a pose, you may need to back off.

Working in smaller steps also makes it easier for you to remember the poses later on. This can help you practice yoga on your own.

Quality Over Quantity

Sometimes five minutes of focused yoga is better than 90 minutes of being distracted while doing very active yoga poses. This is something that I’ve learned in my own practice and I try to apply it to my yoga teaching.

So instead of including as many poses in my yoga classes as possible, I like to leave enough time between poses for you to check in with your body and breath. I also include breathing exercises (aka “pranayama”) and meditation in my yoga classes. They can have a big impact on your yoga practice and the rest of your day.

If you are used to very busy yoga classes, why not take a step back. You would be surprised how much of an effect a few “right” yoga poses can have on your body and mind.

Living With the Uncomfortable

Sometimes we do yoga to get rid of the things that bother us – like stress or a sore back. But yoga is also about learning how to be calm while we feel uncomfortable. In my yoga teaching, I focus on giving you plenty of opportunities to come face-to-face with awkwardness.

Like asking you to try out a yoga pose without watching me first. This gives you a chance to see how it works for your own body. Or having you come into a familiar yoga pose in a new way. Or letting you sit quietly for a few minutes longer.

The more you do these kinds of things in yoga class, the easier it is to be calm in the rest of your life.

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